Bonus: How to Stop Falling for Everyone You Date | Stereo Sunday

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By Jordan Harbinger

Bonus: How to Stop Falling for Everyone You Date | Stereo Sunday

Sunday, 3 January

Welcome to Stereo Sunday, a little Stereo app-sponsored experiment we did live in front of a studio audience of you!

This time around, we answered questions from listeners. It went a little something like this...

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On This Week's Stereo Sunday, We Discuss: You discovered -- and had to break the news -- that your mom's boyfriend was cheating on her, but she married him a few months later anyway. To your dismay, now she's having doubts. What can you do? As someone who's been dating for just a few months after a long-term relationship ended, why do you get attached so easily, and how do you avoid these feelings (at least until it's a mutual exchange)? You and your friend are both struggling with the mental and physical challenges that accompany type two diabetes, but she isn't as careful with her diet as you are and she seems genuinely puzzled that there are consequences. Is there a way to help your friend without being a nagging, self-righteous a-hole? If you've put your all into a business only to have it fail, how do you overcome the sting of this failure and drum up the courage to try again? You know you have the work experience to fill a job opening at your company, but your imposter syndrome kicks in when you read its prerequisites -- in particular, a degree you don't have. How can you make a case for your qualifications even though you don't check all the boxes on paper? What industries and potential side hustles have been positively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and might be good opportunities for someone looking to pivot? You've been out of the workplace for so long that you're not sure where to even begin now that you're ready to get back into it. What's a good first step? How do Fiverr, Upwork, and Mechanical Turk compare for freelancers looking to make a buck? Download the Stereo app here! Connect with Jordan on Twitter at @JordanHarbinger and Instagram at @jordanharbinger. Connect with Gabriel on Twitter at @GabeMizrahi.

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