E64: The Secret To A Good Nights Sleep with Stephanie Romiszewski

E64: The Secret To A Good Nights Sleep with Stephanie Romiszewski

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Tuesday, 12 January

My guest this week is Stephanie Romiszewski, an experienced consultant sleep physiologist and channel 4's sleep expert. Stephanie specialises in complex sleep cases and developing bespoke treatment plans for sleep problems. She is a master in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders, disseminating science to the public through television media, medical legal work, and public speaking. She is Channel 4 series sleep expert, an academic researcher and published author.

In my chat with Stephanie we covered various topics from common misconceptions about sleep, insomnia, sleeping pills, how to control our dreams, mental health as it pertains to sleep and much more!

- What the result of not sleeping properly?
- Where is the bullshit?
- What are the common misconceptions
- How should I be designing my environment
- What do you thunk about the snooze button?
- How to sort your sleep tonight
- Do you sleep well?
- The Therapy you offer
- Caffeine and sleeping pills
- Whats causing all these sleeping problems?
- What impact has the pandemic had on peoples sleep
- What control do we have on our dreams?
- How does what I eat effect my sleep?
- Can I sleep too much?
- These top tips about sleep
- The correlation between poor mental health and poor sleep
- characteristics of a good sleeper and bad sleeper
- What do you want people to get from this podcast?

Instagram: @stephsleepyhead
Twitter: @sleepyclinic
Facebook: Sleepyhead Clinic
LinkedIn: Stephanie Romiszewski

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