121 Laura Hayden & The Smugglers

121 Laura Hayden & The Smugglers

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 13 January

The Drunk Women are BACK for a brand new year and if you're attempting dry January (this is released January 2021, so unlikely too many of you are), then live your drinking life vicariously through Hannah, Taylor, Catie and this week's guest Laura Hayden, who happens to host a drinking based podcast of her own called 'Whisky Women', which means she's more than qualified to join-in with the wine fuelled mayhem!

Laura has a crime at the ready to kick things off where we learn that dogs can be just as objectified for their looks as humans are - and will never let you look at Brad Pitt in the same way again!

The gang then charge their glasses to get to the nub of an historical crime which is interspersed with some excellent A-Lister gossip courtesy of our guest.

We then hear from a listener who wrote in with a crime which is either the result of a genuine mistake, or the world's most audacious two year old....

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