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3. Go Back To Where You Came From

3. Go Back To Where You Came From

By Black Mums Upfront

Whilst some of us are going no further than the local Lidl, others are taking stock of their lives, following their instincts and relocating to the Caribbean. This episode we get upfront and personal with entrepreneur, and bestselling author and coach, Jessica Huie MBE. We caught up with the mum-of-two in Jamaica to discuss finding your purpose, living authentically and what happens when that means upping and leaving everything for a new life in a new continent. Jessica opens up about her decision to follow her heart - away from the rat race and towards the sun, sea and ackee and saltfish.

This podcast is bought to you by Black Mums Upfront and edited and mixed by Daniele Zazza.


Carina White - @brownstown29

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