S01 EP12  -1976 RAIDERS & MADDEN


By Keep It Light Media

ANY GIVEN WEDNESDAYS01 EP12 -1976 RAIDERS & MADDEN Enjoy - please rate and review.Thanks Comics Tom Parry and Mike Bubbins take a nostalgic, retro look at the NFL concentrating on a different subject within the sport each week. The two British NFL obsessives delve into a different aspect of NFL Culture on each episode with their takes on the greatest teams, players, films or TV shows, coaches, plays and Superbowls - and everything else in between! Series one opens with episodes that take on the ‘1972 Miami Dolphins’ perfect season, the iconic ’85 Bears and the Super Bowl Shuffle and the Friday Night Lights book, film and TV franchise.So If you’re still grappling to choose a team to support, if you’ve still not entirely sure what a corner back is, or If you’re looking to join a conversation about the NFL without being made to feel like an idiot- then this could be the podcast for you.Please subscribe, rate, and review! Sales, sponsorship and general enquiries: hello@keepitlightmedia.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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