We're BAAAAAAAAAACCCCKKKKK... Episode 1 ....Part 1...

We're BAAAAAAAAAACCCCKKKKK... Episode 1 ....Part 1...

By Will & Ralf

Season 2 episode 1 of Two Pints with Will & Ralf, in association with Manscaped and Will's managed to get Manscaped to stay involved for the first 5 episodes of our new season their website, www.manscaped.com and use the code TWOPINTS to get 20% off AND FREE SHIPPING, shave your bush in time for Valentine's day!

We had such a laugh doing this that we have 2 parts for our first episode, the next one will be up on Saturday 30th Jan.. Videos will be live on our Facebook and we'll be launching on YouTube too so lots of places to catch the show and then we'll be uploading every week for 10 weeks so you'll be bloody sick of us by the end of March!

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Hope you enjoy and thanks for the support,


Will & Ralf

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