Robert Hansen | The Butcher Baker - Part 7

Robert Hansen | The Butcher Baker - Part 7

By Thomas Rosseland Wiborg-Thune

Serial killers, especially sadistically sexually motivated psychopathic serial killers such as Hansen, lie and lie again. Killers such as him enjoy lying to people, it gives them a sense of power, the joy of depriving a fellow human being of something was to Hansen satisfying. His tale of how he ended up killing Eklutna Annie also does not ring true, only part of it, as I stated at the end of part six in this long running exposé. In thise pisode, we have finally arrived at the bottom of the pit of depravity and destruction Hansen wrought. Like Dante on his travels with Virgil, we find ourselves on frozen ground. And before us stretches horrors almost unimaginable.

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