124 Crime Samples with Pippa Evans

124 Crime Samples with Pippa Evans

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 3 February

Welcome to another episode of Drunk Women Solving Crime, which finds our hosts in fine fettle and ready to do their duty to podcasting, by grabbing a glass-full and solving a crime, or three.

Joining them in this public service is comedian, actor, writer & cheese enthusiast, Pippa Evans!

Pippa gets the ball (Edam) rolling by presenting a great wrongdoing, which occurred in her very own home, by someone who should frankly know better.

The team then put their heads-together to wring-out the details of a swathe of crimes perpetrated in ignorance ...along the way, Hannah get's an education in what she can and can't use her finger to do - we hope you find it useful too.

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