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Episode 413 | "Pause"

Episode 413 | "Pause"

By The Joe Budden Network

On this episode: Joe, Rory, Mal & Parks break down Cardi B’s newest single, “Up” (30:41), Chris Brown & G-Eazy’s remake of “Return of the Mack” (53:54), and more new music. Lil Uzi recently had a $24M pink diamond embedded into his forehead (1:36:30) and Lamar Odom is set to fight Aaron Carter in a celebrity boxing match (1:39:55). The guys discuss coparenting and how to explain cheating to your kids (1:47:00), and Jim Jones joins the JBP to talk ‘Drip Report,’ music, and more (2:12:00).

Sleeper Picks

Joe | Jim Jones - “State of the Union” (Ft. Rick Ross & Mark Scibilia)

Rory | Jim Jones - “The King”

Mal | Jim Jones - “Up in Harlem”

Parks | Jim Jones - “Dust & Powder” (Ft. Jadakiss)

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