Rebel Wilson’s PT Jono Castano on Workouts for Lasting Weight Loss

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By Women's Health UK

Rebel Wilson’s PT Jono Castano on Workouts for Lasting Weight Loss

Tuesday, 9 February

What can I do to lose excess body weight? That’s the question we receive time and again in our inbox. And with so much bogus advice doing the rounds on the internet, it’s really important to us that we bring you sound, actionable advice on this topic, from credible people who you can trust. This week we’re looking at the specifics of how your workouts fit into the picture of building a lifestyle that supports sustainable fat loss, calling on the expertise of Jono Castano. He’s the personal trainer behind actress Rebel Wilson’s amazing fitness journey, that’s seen her shift over four stone and report feeling healthier and stronger than ever. He talks to us about setting realistic goals and the most empowering metrics to track progress, right through to the importance of getting active alongside your scheduled workouts - plus, his real thoughts about burpees! Whether you want to kickstart a significant lifestyle overhaul, like Rebel, or just make tweaks to your day so you’re maximising your movement and reaping all the body composition benefits of doing so, we hope you find his advice useful. 

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- Rebel Wilson’s trainer on building a workout routine

- How to exercise for sustainable weight loss

- What to consider when embarking on a fitness journey

- Which equipment to buy if you’re training at home


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