The Science of Stress Snacking + How To Do It Less

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By Women's Health UK

The Science of Stress Snacking + How To Do It Less

Tuesday, 16 February

What can I do to stop mindlessly snacking on food that doesn’t make me feel good? That’s a question many of you have been directing into our inbox. And, really, is it any surprise? It’s been almost a year of pandemic life, where we’re seeking comfort more than ever; and judging by what you’re telling us, often in snacks. Little morsels, consumed mindlessly that, in the end, you don’t even enjoy that much. If you want a little assistance in rewiring your urge to emotionally eat, so it’s more supportive and sustaining for your health - both physical and mentally - we’ve got you. We chat to clinical researcher and co-director of City Dieticians, Dr Nicola Guess, and clinical psychiatrist Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya, to unpick the intricate and very complex relationship between food and feelings. Crucially, we give you tonnes of strategies for how you can think about supporting your mood and energy levels between meals, including dietician-approved ways to nail healthy comfort food and practical tips for identifying when you’re emotionally eating.

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- How to stop mindlessly snacking

- What to eat to maintain energy between meals

- Practical tips to stop emotionally eating

- Why we’re consuming our feelings during the pandemic


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