What if T-Rexes could fly?

What If World - Stories for Kids

By Eric O'Keeffe

What if T-Rexes could fly?

Monday, 22 February

Haven’t we all wondered this? Hasn’t everyone in What If World… but wait… so many creatures can already fly. No way this could be a disaster, unless of course Cthunkle gets involved. He does? Oh forget it.

Lessons include: if everyone refuses to wait their turn, then nobody gets a turn! Patience can be trying, but it can also be an opportunity to entertain yourself in a creative way, or to meet someone new.

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This week’s Cthunkle illustration is by Ana Stretcu with graphic design by Karen O’Keeffe. Find Cthunkle merch and more great artwork by Ana at the Imaginarium: whatifworld.threadless.com

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