32: Queer Relationships & Codependency With Jo Westwood

32: Queer Relationships & Codependency With Jo Westwood

By Sarah Taylor

In this episode of the Queerpreneur podcast I&aposm talking to the brilliant Jo Westwood, the codependency coach. Jo is a life coach and author.  She helps women escape from codependency and reclaim their lives with confidence.

Listen in to hear us talking about the impact of a heteronormative world on LGBTQ+ relationships and how it impacts our self-worth. And how low confidence, self-belief and shame can affect queer people when it comes to the most important relationships in our lives. 

We also talk about the lack of inclusion for LGBTQ+ people and how you can create more inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ people with small shifts that will have a big impact. 

I think you’re going to find this one really interesting and thought provoking!

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