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29: The Queer Wellbeing Sessions 1: Find Your Inner Sanctuary With Rachel Bednarski

29: The Queer Wellbeing Sessions 1: Find Your Inner Sanctuary With Rachel Bednarski

By Sarah Taylor

The Queer Wellbeing Sessions have begun! As you will know if you&aposre a regular listener of this podcast, I am incredibly passionate about creating greater inclusion and access to all wellbeing services for LGBTQ+ people.

So, I decided to dedicate the month of November to what I&aposm calling the Queer Wellbeing Sessions where every week, on a Friday in Instagram I chat with a queer wellness or coaching professional about a wellbeing practice that will support us with our own personal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. And we get to experience the modality or technique in the session too with a short live practice or exercise.

This week it was a Meditation 101 teaching and a live Find Your Inner Sanctuary meditation with Rachel Bednarski. It was so calming, reassuring and grounding. I know you will love it!

And I want to give another nod to the LGBTQ+ inclusion survey I&aposve created to understand the barriers to inclusion for LGBTQ+ people and to understand what we can do to improve representation, visibility and equality for queer wellness and coaching professionals. Please complete the survey to add your voice to this movement:  

And when it comes to equal access and feeling safe to reach out to wellbeing service providers  LGBTQ+ clients don’t always feel safe because they fear discrimination or lack of understanding of their specific challenges and struggles. Surely the wellbeing and coaching industries should be THE SAFEST PLACES for LGBTQ+ people?

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