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13: Coming Out In the '90's With Ruth Summers

13: Coming Out In the '90's With Ruth Summers

By Sarah Taylor

For many people being LGBTQ+ in the 90&aposs was a very lonely and scary experience. There were few role models or out gay, bi or queer people visible in the media and the anti-homosexuality government act, Section 28 was still in force in the UK. Decades later some things are changing for the better, however sadly there is still much more work to do to end the discrimination and prejudice that exists against LGBTQ+ people all over the world. 

My guest in this episode is Ruth Summers, a wellbeing entrepreneur, sound therapist and tutor at the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST). Like me, Ruth realised she was gay in the 90&aposs. We talk about how our families responded to the news and our early experiences of being gay in a world where there really wasn&apost any representation of gay women that we could relate to (something that’s definitely changing today). We also talk about being out and gay in the workplace and how coming out never really ends with every new person we meet!

*I am really honoured and excited to announce that Ruth will be delivering the Crystal Sound Meditation at the Opening ceremony for my brand-new Personal Development Programme Living Her Truth, which opens for enrolment next week. Send me a message to find out more or ask me any questions about the programme.

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