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2019: a good good review

2019: a good good review

By Neil Thornton + Jack Ratcliffe

We're back! We know it's almost February but Happy New Year to all! We hope 2020 has been full of good good things for you already. Before we crack on with 2020's good good things, we're taking a moment to reflect and look back on some of the biggest stories from 2019; from tales of trees and the mobilisation of the world's youth to successes in the fight against climate change and human rights wins across the globe. Plus, Jack's new obsession with Gregg's vegan sausage role. So sit back, relax, put your headphones in and let the good times commence. Here's to a good good year to come, thanks for joining us.


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About your hosts


A New Media artist currently undertaking a PhD in virtual reality, Jack is motivated by the positive impact technology can have on our day to day lives both operationally and emotionally. Outside of PhDs and podcasting, Jack is a proud dad to three turtles and an ever-growing number of house plants.  Find Jack at @jacktionman on Instagram and Twitter


A digital content editor by day, Neil is also a men’s lifestyle blogger at where he covers a range of topics from travel and style to health and mental well-being. You’ll never find him too far from a coffee.   Find Neil at @Whatneildid  on Instagram and Twitter 

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