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Making a meal out of fake meat

Making a meal out of fake meat

By Neil Thornton + Jack Ratcliffe

Whether it's ‘fake meat’, ‘imitation meat’, or the rather oxymoronic ‘vegan meat’, meat alternatives and their derivatives are big business. In fact, Barclays analysts estimate the meat-free meat industry can reach a staggering $140 billion over the next decade. Now there’s some food for thought.

But do you know the historical roots of vegetarian meat alternatives? Or what variations are being served today? From tofu, soy and seitan, to more modern plant-based alternatives, to actual animal meat grown in labs (without the need for a conscious animal, slaughter and death), this week’s episode breaks down the myths and facts behind the meal.

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A computational artist currently undertaking a PhD in virtual reality, Jack is motivated by the positive impact technology can have on our day to day lives both operationally and emotionally. Outside of PhDs and podcasting, Jack is a proud dad to three turtles and an ever-growing number of house plants.  Find Jack at @jacktionman on Instagram and Twitter


A digital content editor by day, Neil is also a men’s lifestyle blogger at where he covers a range of topics from travel and style to health and mental well-being. You’ll never find him too far from a coffee.   Find Neil at @Whatneildid  on Instagram and Twitter 

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