Gabby Logan on Midlife Wellness, Power Moves + the Perimenopause

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By Women's Health UK

Gabby Logan on Midlife Wellness, Power Moves + the Perimenopause

Tuesday, 23 February

Few people embody a positive, powerful and balanced approach to living well during midlife quite like broadcaster and host of the Midpoint podcast, Gabby Logan. At 47, the mum-of-two feels as good as she did in her 30s, and is passionate about women her age - and older - truly owning their place on TV. As she’s very much doing right now, hosting the BBC’s coverage of the Six Nations. The way she sees it, she’s become more experienced, more skilled in those intervening years - and, as you’ll find out, she’s really fine-tuned the way she maintains her health and wellness too. You’ll hear about her fitness regimen, what it’s been like parenting in a pandemic and why it’s really important to her to prioritise her gut health. But what really sets this conversation apart is how open Gabby is about less well-trodden ground, including how she’s taking HRT since learning she’d entered the perimenopause and why the alcoholism that runs in her family has made her extremely mindful when it comes to drinking. Expect inspiration aplenty from this conversation - no matter what age and stage you’re at.

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- Gabby Logan on feeling empowered in midlife

- How she exercises to boost her mental health

- Why Gabby started taking HRT after entering the perimenopause

- What it’s like raising teenage twins in lockdown

- How she looks after her gut health


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