James Acaster

James Acaster

By Helen Bauer, Rosie Jones & Studio71 UK

Who else could Daddy and Helen invite on for the Season finale other than the wonderful James Acaster? Without a doubt a whimsical master, James has received acclaim from around the world, including a record breaking 5 consecutive nominations for ‘Best Comedy Show’ at the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festivals.

You will most likely have heard James on either of his two hit podcasts “Off Menu” with Ed Gamble, and ‘Perfect Sounds’, or seen him in his own Netflix four part series, Repertoire, or co-hosting Dave’s Hypothetical with Josh Widdicombe - or failing any of those, Bakeoff in 2019!

Helen Bauer and Rosie Jones will probe the guest on the pivotal moments in their early life; from childhood, to romance, and everywhere in between, we want the highs and lows that make it so obvious that this craving for attention ensured our guest was a born entertainer.

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