How To Rebuild Your Body Confidence with Danae Mercer

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By Women's Health UK

How To Rebuild Your Body Confidence with Danae Mercer

Tuesday, 2 March

When it comes to things like self-esteem and body confidence, good influences don’t come much better than today’s guest. Danae Mercer is a journalist-turned-Instagram sensation who demonstrates self-love and body-acceptance to her 2.2 million followers. She exposes the fakery that brands use while flogging diet products online and has made it her mission to help women the world over love themselves a little more and judge themselves a little less - cellulite and stretch marks included. In today’s episode she opens up about her teenage struggles with anorexia, the problem with always looking at your face with a filter and her tips on how women can cultivate a stronger, more resilient relationship with their bodies - for themselves, the women around them, and the next generation.

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