RHLSTP 317 - Iszi Lawrence

RHLSTP with Richard Herring

By Sky Potato, Go Faster Stripe and Fuzz Productions

RHLSTP 317 - Iszi Lawrence

Wednesday, 3 March

#317 Sex Whisk - Richard has been in a Total Recall machine (or something like that) but is worried about the manufacturer. His guest has cut her own hair and has thought a lot of Star Trek TNG, it’s the brilliant Iszi Lawrence. 

They discuss Doctor Who self-fellatio, teenage Jesus and his crazy pranks, the little known but most prolific serial killer possibly in the world, but definitely in Reading and Elizabeth I’s crazy ass signature. Plus what happens when your balls might kill you and the martial arts skills of the Suffragettes.

Catch up on all Iszi’s podcast and her book by checking out her website - https://iszi.com/



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