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Episode 420 | "The Bud Den"

Episode 420 | "The Bud Den"

By The Joe Budden Network

Joe kicks off Episode 420 by sharing his hate for Azealia Banks’ newly shared “love list” (12:18). The guys recap D’Angelo’s competition-free Verzuz (17:05), and Joe calls Adam22 after his recent interview with CyHi the Prynce (36:58). The guys discuss a potential Raekwon/Ghostface Verzuz battle (53:25), the kissing allegations against Governor Andrew Cuomo (59:05), and Texas Governor Greg Abbott announcing the end of the mask mandate (1:02:24). Another woman comes forward against T.I. in his sexual assault case (1:05:05), and Chris D’Elia gives an update on his child molestation allegations (1:06:40). SoundCloud introduces “fan-powered royalties” (1:15:45), which begs the question: How much longer will labels be around? (1:15:45) Joe discusses opening a dispensary in Detroit (1:38:26), Mall calls CyHi (1:59:20), a Julius Randle call (2:23:00), and MUCH MORE!

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Sleeper Picks of the Episode

Joe | Manny Wellz - “So Good”

Rory | Emotional Oranges - “Body & Soul” (Ft. Biig Piig)

Mal | Chase Fetti - “Show Me” 

Parks | Devin the Dude - “P.L.A.N.S.A.” (Ft. Tony Mac)

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