VOICEMALE SPECIAL - Insomnia | Jamie Laing & Josh Roberts

Private Parts

By Spirit Studios & Jamie Laing

VOICEMALE SPECIAL - Insomnia | Jamie Laing & Josh Roberts

Sunday, 7 March

Happy Sunday everyone! We’re back with another Voicemail special. This week we focus on insomnia, something that we have both struggled with over the last few years, and a problem that many people have begun to develop having spent so much time at home. We hear from those of you struggling with insomnia and Josh shares his top tips for improving your chances of a good night’s sleep. Please keep getting in touch if these episodes are helping you in any way!

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Do You Need Help?

Please note: All opinions are personal opinions of the two hosts, none of the opinions are medical facts. If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this episode please seek help. 






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