How To Feel Confident + Connected in a Changing Work World

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How To Feel Confident + Connected in a Changing Work World

Tuesday, 9 March

One message that’s come out loud and clear from the pandemic is the importance of other people for our health and happiness. And just as you nurture those ties with close friends, family members and your extended gang of pals, workplace relationships are worthy of your time and attention, too. Not only for the benefit of your social health and wellbeing at work, but also for success in your career. So says Carole Robin PhD - foremost workplace culture expert who taught the world-renowned Interpersonal Dynamics course at the Stanford Graduate Business School for 17 years and shares her insights in new book Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family and Colleagues. In today’s episode she and Rebecca Seal, food journalist, cookbook writer and author of Solo: How To Work Alone Without Losing Your Mind, join Roisín to discuss practical ways to strengthen those bonds to perform better, stave off the creep of WFH loneliness and just enjoy your life - work, play, and the rest - a whole lot more. And whether you’re freelance and WFH for the foreseeable, a staffer whose organisation is planning to go back full-time once restrictions lift, or if you're set to navigate a blend between at-home and in-office working, there are many things you can take away from this one.

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