TN:65 Paul Weller,  Stan Kybert & Charles Rees

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TN:65 Paul Weller, Stan Kybert & Charles Rees

Tuesday, 9 March

In this episode, John heads to Black Barn Studios to chat with Paul Weller along with producer Stan Kybert and engineer Charles Rees, about how they wrote, recorded and produced the album ‘On Sunset’.

From recycling and resampling old tunes to recording new ideas on his phone, Paul reflects on his years of endless experimentation in the studio, sharing his thoughts on what makes a good song along with the decisive musical elements that reinforce meaning.

Revisiting different versions of the tracks, we hear the trio breaking down the different mic setups and the vintage gear they used to recreate the sound of an era.

Listen to find out why Paul wrote a song on his kids Casio keyboard and how to play a Hammond with a screwdriver.

Tracks discussed:  Mirrorball, More, On Sunset


Listen to 'On Sunset' here.

'On Sunset' - A Polydor Records Release; Solid Bond Productions Limited, under exclusive license to Universal Music Operations Limited



Neumann U87

Coles 4038 

Sontronics Mercury

Izotope Stutter Edit

Hofner Club Bass

Hammond Keyboard


Fairchild 660 & 670 Compressors

Custom Neve Console



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