EP 66. Black Womxn and ADHD Ft. @adhdbabes

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EP 66. Black Womxn and ADHD Ft. @adhdbabes

Wednesday, 10 March

This week we are joined by ADHD babes who since October 2020 have been providing support groups for black womxn with ADHD and also inspiring people to be checked.

We discuss everything from medication, how to get diagnosed and how ADHD affects relationships. All 3 members of ADHD babes have different journeys, and we are so grateful they joined us to share, we learnt so much and we hope you do too!

Please follow ADHD babes on Twitter and Instagram @adhdbabes ! They have loads of things coming and also will be taking donations very soon, so look out for that!!

Don't forget to use the #TwoTwosPodcast in conversation on Twitter!

Enjoy x

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