Why All Women Need To Strength Train + How To Get Results

Going for Goal

By Women's Health UK

Why All Women Need To Strength Train + How To Get Results

Tuesday, 16 March

If your workouts are centred around achieving maximum calorie burn - or you’re mega into running but don’t do much to strengthen your hard-working muscles between clocking up those 5ks - it’s time for a rethink. Because all women need to be strength training - according to two of the most esteemed trainers in the business. They are Joslyn Thompson Rule, Nike Master Trainer, women’s strength specialist, author of How To Move It and host of the Fitness Unfiltered podcast, and Andy Vincent, a PT with 20+ years experience in the fitness industry who has extensively studied strength and conditioning, sports performance, nutrition and biomechanics. So, why exactly is strength training so important for women? What do you need to get started? How do you progress your practice? And is there any truth supporting that tired - but still getting traction - notion that lifting weights can ‘bulk you up’? Women’s Health’s Editor-in-Chief Claire Sanderson gets to the bottom of these questions, and more, in today's show.

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