Escape from the Cave of Cake! (G&G Part 8)

What If World - Stories for Kids

By Eric O'Keeffe

Escape from the Cave of Cake! (G&G Part 8)

Monday, 22 March

Can our adventurers escape from the cake and find the last ingredient for their magic spell? Let’s hope, or this story will be a bummer!

Lessons include: hiding from our problems usually makes them worse; other people don’t get to tell us who we’re supposed to be

This story is part of the Guilds & Goblins miniseries, where What If World characters play an original tabletop RPG for kids and families. The dice rolls are all real and help inform the story, along with your questions and ideas! Start at episode 176 for the full story. Patrons get access to our updated Core Rules!

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