Kirsty Gallacher on Training Hard, Overcoming Challenges and Growing Her Family

Going for Goal

By Women's Health UK

Kirsty Gallacher on Training Hard, Overcoming Challenges and Growing Her Family

Tuesday, 23 March

When you’re stuck in the middle of those hard things - rough patches, low ebbs of your story - the challenge of getting out can feel insurmountable. But the very timely message that comes out strong from today’s guest is that, not only is there light at the end of the tunnel, but that sometimes, on the other side of that little flicker of hope, there’s something better. She is Kirsty Gallacher - TV and radio broadcaster, and host of Stripped Back Sport, a Global podcast with new episodes every Monday. In today’s show - alongside sharing how her fitness fundamentals changed during the pandemic and busting female health taboos - she reflects on how those times of personal difficulty built her resilience and, ultimately, guided her towards a place where she feels at her happiest yet. She is super candid in this chat: from sexism in her early career and her decision to break out of her comfort zone and go freelance in her 40s, to how lockdown helped this extroverted, perma-busy working mum realise that she could, really, enjoy taking time for herself.

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