Rowetta - Happy Mondays

Rowetta - Happy Mondays

By Gary Jarvie

Hailing from Manchester, Rowetta is best known as a member of the Happy Mondays, recording and touring with the band from 1990 and recently reforming with the original line-up.   She’s also a formidable force in the dance scene, collaborating with the likes of Yousef, Tod Terry and Solardo on some of the biggest house tunes on the planet. 

Rowetta wasn’t part of the original Happy Mondays line-up, but knew exactly what her vocals could give the band. Her first song with the band, ‘Step On’ was the highest-selling single, flying to #5 on the UK charts and even scoring them a place on The Billboard Top 100.  

Rowetta was so open and generous with her time, sharing many, many incredible stories - from performing in the Hacienda every Wednesday night to suddenly playing in front of 10s of thousands of people at the GMEX arena shortly after joining the Mondays. 

Her favourite live experiences are quite incredible - all glittered with star-studded encounters. Liam Gallagher, Prince and David Bowie to name but a few. 

We chat about all of this, and more, and of course end the conversation as we always do, asking Rowetta why live music is so important. 

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