How To Fix Pandemic Hair: Expert Q&A on Thinning Locks, Greasy Roots + Dry Ends

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By Women's Health UK

How To Fix Pandemic Hair: Expert Q&A on Thinning Locks, Greasy Roots + Dry Ends

Tuesday, 30 March

The past year has wreaked havoc on our lives in ways we didn’t expect - and those sudden changes to routines and habits, as well as a mountain of unexpected extra pressures, have had a knock-on effect on our bodies. Not least our hair. As you’ll hear in today’s show, pandemic stress has been the root of many concerns when it comes to our locks. Things like hair loss and thinning, as well as greasy roots, itchy scalps and brittle ends. And while some may say fretting about hair is frivolous - that it should be the least of your concerns right now - when something becomes tied up in your confidence and self-esteem, we believe that it’s so important to seek the right help and support. Which is why in this episode we’ve called on two leading, knowledgeable voices in the hair industry to help smooth over your worries. They are consultant trichologist Anabel Kingsley, brand president of the revered Philip Kingsley clinics and product ranges, and celebrity hairdresser and salon owner Adam Reed, who is a global ambassador for GHD. In this super-informative conversation, you’ll find out everything you need to know about how to nourish your hair back to health - from how often you should really give it a wash, to treating dryness, which products are worth your money and the best steps for tackling postpartum shedding. 

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