No fooling, Bad People is back

No fooling, Bad People is back

By BBC Radio 5 Live

Murderers. Dictators. Sex offenders. Why do people do bad things? Bad People is back for another series.

Archive credits: This episode contains audio from House of Saddam, a BBC Television and HBO Films production, and Shannon: The Mother of All Lies, a BBC Panorama production.

Presenters: Dr. Julia Shaw and Sofie Hagen Producers: Louisa Field & Caroline Steel Assistant Producer: Simona Rata Music: Matt Chandler Series Editor: Rami Tzabar

Academic Consultants for Open University: Dr. Zoe Walkington Dr. Camilla Elphick

Commissioning Assistant Producer: Adam Eland Commissioning Executive: Dylan Haskins Commissioning Editor: Jason Phipps

The new series of Bad People is produced in partnership with the Open University and is a BBC Audio Science Production for BBC Sounds


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