The Alaskan Avenger

The Alaskan Avenger

By Unresolved Productions

"My silent understanding that I was worthless, a throw away... The foundations laid in my youth never went away."

In June of 2016, 41-year-old Jason Vukovich found the addresses of local sex offenders, assaulting and robbing them inside of their own homes. Attacking late at night - armed with a hammer - Jason told one of his victims that he was "an avenging angel" that was there to "mete out justice for the people" he had hurt.

Now behind bars, Jason has come to know a younger sister he never knew he had, who has become his most ardent supporter. Together, they vow to use every legal avenue at their disposal to continue fighting Jason's extended sentence...

Special thanks to Angelina Lozano, Jason's sister, for chatting with me for this episode. If you would like to learn more about Jason's story, check out Angelina's social media pages ("Free Jason Vukovich" on FB, Twitter, or Instagram) or check out Angelina's GoFundMe at the following link:

Episode hosted and produced by Micheal Whelan

Original music created by Micheal Whelan through Amper Music

Theme music created and composed by Ailsa Traves

Producers: Roberta Janson, Ben Krokum, Gabriella Bromley, Steven Wilson, Quil Carter, Travis Scsepko, Laura Hannan, Bryan Hall, Damion Moore, Scott Meesey, Amy Hampton, Scott Patzold, Marie Vanglund, Astrid Kneier, Aimee McGregor, Jo Wong, Sara Moscaritolo, Sydney Scotton, Thomas Ahearn, Marion Welsh, Patrick Laakso, Rebecca O'Sullivan, Meadow Landry, Tatum Bautista, Sally Ranford, Kevin McCracken, Ruth Durbin, Michele Watson, Jared Midwood, Teunia Elzinga, Ryan Green, Jacinda C., Stephanie Joyner, Cherish Brady, and Lauren

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