Fit in 30 Days: Courtney Black’s Do’s and Don’ts for Lasting Results

Going for Goal

By Women's Health UK

Fit in 30 Days: Courtney Black’s Do’s and Don’ts for Lasting Results

Tuesday, 6 April

Let’s get one thing straight: health, fitness, wellness - this stuff is a long-game pursuit. You eat well; you train hard; you rest - in mind, as well as body - to get the most out of this life as you can. But sometimes, we get it, you want to take things up a gear to be able to perform and feel at your best. And what we’re hearing from you guys at the moment is that this spring - after the longest, bleakest winter - is one such time. So, what works when it comes to getting results faster? And what should really be avoided? They’re just some of the questions that we’ll address in today’s show. Bringing the know-how and all the sunny, perk-you-up energy is personal trainer Courtney Black. Renowned for her seriously tough HIIT workouts and adored by her 800k-plus Instagram followers, her message is all about embracing challenge. So, who better to offer a spring time pep talk. In today’s episode she talks to our digital fitness writer Morgan Fargo about making the most out of your home workouts, how low-impact doesn’t have to mean low-intensity and why, when it comes to fuelling your fitness, there are no ‘bad foods’. Courtney also shares her exact formula for setting realistic goals - and her tips for varying your workouts, so that the process of reaching for those goals becomes one you love too much to quit. 

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