S2 Ep7: Cause of Death – Unknown

S2 Ep7: Cause of Death – Unknown

By Lynda La Plante and Cass Sutherland

**We apologise for the variable sound quality on some of the season two episodes which were recorded during the 2020 lockdown. Please don't judge us too harshly - we're back in studio in season 3!**

A bumper episode to end the season! 

In 15% of homicide cases involving a female victim, the cause of death is unknown. Despite the huge advances in post-mortem sciences, pathologists are still faced with cases of suspicious death where the cause of death cannot be conclusively proved. 
In this episode the team talk to a former member of the Thames River Police, Robert Jeffries, who worked on numerous cases where the cause of death could not be immediately established. They are also joined by Professor Angela Gallop, from Forensic Access (www.forensic-access.co.uk), one of the UK's leading experts in cold case investigations. 
Please note that some listeners may find elements of the cases disturbing.

Over six episodes, the team have investigated six causes of death: talking with experts, hearing how real life crime scenes are worked, exploring the latest innovations and discussing some famous cases.
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