Episode 430 | "The Hand Ambassador"

Episode 430 | "The Hand Ambassador"

By The Joe Budden Network

The Joe Budden Podcast

Saturday, 10 April

On this episode: Joe and the guys remember DMX and his legacy (11:15). They dive into new music (34:20), Hailey Bieber receiving backlash for being rude at a restaurant (55:40), and Joe being the ultimate wingman (1:08:30). Clubhouse takes a dip (1:22:00), Joe gives an update with Rory (1:44:00), and Lil Mama tries to apologize to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys for interrupting their 2009 VMA’s performance (1:47:55). Tyga’s OnlyFans (2:10:00), Snowfall recap **SPOILER ALERT** (2:21:35), Prince Philip (3:05:20), Philip Adams’ massacre (3:07:00), Diddy’s letter to corporate America (3:10:00), and MORE!

Sleeper Picks

Joe | DMX - “Let Em Fly”

Parks | Onyx - “Shut Em Down” (Ft. DMX)

Ish | Jay-Z - “Murdergram” (Ft. DMX & Ja Rule)

Ice | Ruff Ryders - “Scenario 2000”

Emanny | Donny Hathaway - “A Song For You”

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