Why You’re Procrastinating + How To Finally Conquer the Habit

Going for Goal

By Women's Health UK

Why You’re Procrastinating + How To Finally Conquer the Habit

Tuesday, 13 April

Have you been struggling, of late, to tick something - anything - off your to-do list? We’re right there with you - in the procrastination zone. A mental state we promise ourselves time and time again that we won’t slip back into. But, for many of us, changes to usual routines and motivations have been disrupted during the pandemic - with productivity taking a goal-busting nose-dive. Which is why, in this episode, rather than avoid the problem and hope it will go away, we’re tackling the issue of procrastination head-on – discussing the tools and techniques you can use to encourage yourself to be more productive and, ultimately, create more space for the good stuff. As you’ll learn, you’re not a procrastinator. You simply procrastinate - and we’re here to help you climb out of that habit so you can build more positive ones. Our guests this week are Dr Grace Lordan, associate professor in behavioural science at the London School of Economics and author of Think Big, and also Grace Beverley, founder of apparel brand TALA as well as workout app Shreddy, and author of Working Hard, Hardly Working. We discuss the most common triggers for procrastination, and how it can take different forms with different people. There’s also great points made about the counterproductive cult of busyness, and why comparing yourself to others in a similar professional space is a disaster for productivity – let alone happiness. Plus, there’s chat about finding your own hype man - or woman - why showing up for yourself in small increments is key and how to have respect for all those other elements of life the matter to you while still flourishing at work. Enjoy!


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