TN:68 slowthai & Kwes Darko

Tape Notes

By In The Woods

TN:68 slowthai & Kwes Darko

Tuesday, 13 April

In this episode, John is joined by slowthai and producer Kwes Darko at Iguana Studios, to talk about how they wrote, recorded and produced the album ‘Tyron’.

With voice messages, demos and stems in hand, Ty and Kwes lay out the development of each track, from the gear and technicalities of capturing vocals and making a beat that hits hard, to the smallest production details that often have the biggest emotional impact.

Delving into the deep stuff, the pair discuss the philosophies and attitudes at the heart of their tight artist-producer relationship, as well as sharing wise words on creativity, development and some of the best forms of inspiration. 

Listen to find out why Ty had to out rap a rapper on his own track, how they used Twitter as a creative tool, and the reason why you should always check a mix in the car. 

Tracks discussed: MAZZA, PLAY WITH FIRE, adhd


Listen to 'TYRON' here.

'TYRON' - A Method Records/Interscope/AWGE release.



AKG C414

Neumann U87


Roland 808

Soundtoys Decapitator 

Empirical Labs Distressor


Neve Preamps

Universal Audio Neve 1073

Universal Audio Apollo Interface

Universal Audio Plugins

Neumann NDH 20

Genelec Monitors 

Fender Stratocaster

Native instruments Komplete

East West Virtual Instruments



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