Introducing Supervision: A Privilege, Not A Right

Introducing Supervision: A Privilege, Not A Right

By New Hampshire Public Radio

When Emily Corwin was a reporter at NHPR covering jails and prisons, she wanted to tell a story about what happens next - a story about parole. Four and half million Americans are on parole right now - about twice the number of people in prisons and jails.

Emily met a guy named Josh Lavenets just as he was entering parole - and she tagged along with her microphone as Josh tried to get back on his feet.

Many months later, Emily published a story about Josh. It didn’t have a happy ending. But as it turns out, it also wasn’t complete.

After we first released Supervision in 2019, Emily got a tip from someone who listened to the podcast. It was from someone who knew Josh, personally.

What Emily learned from this person made her reevaluate - not just Josh, not just her reporting, but all the things we can miss when we try to report complicated, messy, human stories.

Document: Supervision is what happens when you pull a story back open and fill in the cracks with further reporting and fuller context.

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