RHLSTP 323 - Dominik Diamond

RHLSTP with Richard Herring

By Sky Potato, Go Faster Stripe and Fuzz Productions

RHLSTP 323 - Dominik Diamond

Wednesday, 14 April

#323 Mothersacker - Like the bravest person who has ever lived Richard is still churning out podcasts, even though he’s just 5 days out of chemotherapy. But what super powers has it given him? He starts a little weary, but the power of podcasts soon rallies him, thanks to his open and hilarious guest, 1990s Gamesmaster legend Dominik Diamond. They discuss the talented group of comedians that emerged from Bristol University in the 1990s, being conned into buying a llama farm in Canada with no llamas in it, how auditioning for the Word led to the Gamesmaster gig, Lee and Herring’s legendary appearance on the show and what really happened to Richard’s Golden Joystick and how much it might have been worth if he’d kept it, fighting with Mark Lamaar across two continents, marrying Whigfield, how too much cocaine damaged Diamond’s career and how too little cocaine damaged Herring’s, living next door to a Play Away presenter, plus some jolly limericks about cancer.

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