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495: Jon Acuff | The Surprising Solution to Overthinking

495: Jon Acuff | The Surprising Solution to Overthinking

By Jordan Harbinger

Jon Acuff (@jonacuff) is an Inc. Magazine Top 100 Leadership speaker, host of the All It Takes Is a Goal podcast, and author of multiple bestsellers. His latest book is Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking.

What We Discuss with Jon Acuff: Jon defines a soundtrack as those repetitive thoughts that play automatically in your head that shape more of your choices than you know -- and this is why you need to curate your soundtrack. Three questions to ask yourself if you want to identify a broken soundtrack that derails your ambitions -- and change it into one that goads you into action. How you can flip a worry-inducing soundtrack into one that instills confidence. Being prepared always leads to an action; overthinking always leads to more overthinking. Something better to tell yourself than "Fake it 'til you make it" from the son of the guy who coined that phrase. And much more...

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