David Katz

David Katz

By Fearne Cotton

Happy Place

Monday, 19 April

We’re surrounded by 2 billion tonnes of plastic – 8 million of which flow into our oceans every year. Those are some pretty upsetting numbers, but by the end of this episode you’ll understand that you’re not helpless; you personally have a huge amount of power to reverse the problem.

David Katz is the compassionate founder behind a clever enterprise that turns plastic into wealth. Plastic Bank works with communities under the poverty line to simultaneously empower individuals, and reduce ocean plastic. David explains to Fearne exactly how you can make a real difference in reducing ocean plastic by voting with your wallet. For example, the sponsors of this series of Happy Place, professional natural hair care brand weDo/, have teamed up with Plastic Bank, so for every one weDo/ product you buy, an incredible eight items of plastic waste are removed from our environment and our oceans. 

WeDo/ buyers have helped collect over three million plastic bottles since launch, and this Earth Day they’re inviting you to join WeDo/ and Plastic Bank to achieve their next partnership goal of removing 5 million items of plastic waste. So by simply switching to natural haircare brand WeDo/, together we can make a big positive impact for our planet!

For more information about Plastic Bank’s game changing work, head to plasticbank.com.

A big thanks to the sponsors of this series of Happy Place, WeDo/ Natural Haircare. Find out more, and get your hands on lots of exclusive offers, by visiting wedoact.com/happy


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