136 Rosie Wilby & The Stairway To Nowhere

136 Rosie Wilby & The Stairway To Nowhere

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 21 April

The Drunk Women are, here again, providing an essential service to us all - solving the crimes of guest, listener, and history. Joining them today is the fantastic comedian, writer & podcaster, Rosie Wilby!

Rosie tells us about a crime in which you can't help but think that the perpetrator was doing her a favour! 

We then all get our head into a tale of criminal woe resulting in a pretty awesome tourist attraction, which would be ideal to visit on roller skates... and then the gang helps a listener get to the bottom of a criminal act and debate the existence of a Hilton Hotel in Croydon.

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