E78: Jim Chapman: Overcoming Failure Anxiety, Finding Love & Life-Changing Therapy

E78: Jim Chapman: Overcoming Failure Anxiety, Finding Love & Life-Changing Therapy

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Monday, 26 April

On this weeks podcast, we have Jim Chapman. You may know him from Youtube, Instagram and dare I say it... the ex husband of another high profile Youtube Star. You will hear Jim speaking about his own truth, separate from the media headlines. This is Jim Chapman like you have never heard him, he actually shocked me with his honesty in this raw and unfiltered podcast. 

Jim Chapman is a British Celebrity, YouTuber, presenter, model, writer and soon to be father with over 6 million loyal followers across all social media platforms. Jim along with his peers helped shape social media into what it is today.

In this podcast, Jim speaks openly about topics he has not yet discussed. This is a VERY intimate podcast, which will make you smile, laugh and even shock you. Jim talks about his personal experiences, trauma from his childhood, which most of us could never imagine and how this will shape him as a first-time father. We also talk about the curse of over thinking, love, break-ups, his new projects and... those rumours!

Topics: Experiences from your childhood that shaped who you are today  unpleasant traits from parents  What kind of dad do you want to be?  Failure Anxiety Therapy  Being an influencer/YouTuber  Does hard work matter?  Being in the moment  Why are you good at writing about love?  My Old public relationship Horrible comments  Cheating allegations My current relationship  Love languages  Whats next   

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