202: Clare Balding's Guide to Life

202: Clare Balding's Guide to Life

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

The Scummy Mummies Podcast

Tuesday, 27 April

This episode features writer, rambler, TV legend and national treasure Clare Balding! We cover all sorts of topics, from nearly messing up Prince Philip's funeral and mentally fat-shaming labradors to feeding horses with your mouth.

Clare tells us all about her brilliant new book, Fall Off, Get Back On, Keep Going, which is out now. We discuss what being kind really means, why she doesn't like selfies, and why she thinks you have to fail 100 times to be good at anything. We ask big questions like how to give kids honest feedback, and help them cope with the pressure to achieve perfection. Plus, Ellie encourages Clare Balding to take drugs, and Helen tells a fart story. 

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SAFETY NOTICE: This podcast was recorded remotely, which is why it sounds a bit different - sorry about that. We're doing our best, and we'll be back to sitting in Ellie's garden with our guests very soon.

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