137 DRUNK WOMEN STREAMED: With Shazia Mirza (And Jayde Adams)

137 DRUNK WOMEN STREAMED: With Shazia Mirza (And Jayde Adams)

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 28 April

The Drunk Women are back at The Clapham Grand and it's a two for the price of one on this week's guest count!

Yes, the team headed to that fantastic venue to record a special show with the wonderful Shazia Mirza - who had some obstacles to overcome on the journey and so, whilst we waited with bated breath for her arrival, Taylor, Hannah, and Catie were joined by former guest and friend of the show, Jayde Adams, who regaled us with yet another crime which has blighted her life! 

Jayde very kindly kicks things off with a story that will make sure no one EVER gives shade to any member of One Direction again and although it was wonderful to see her, Jayde then made way for Shazia, who came straight on stage following her epic journey. 

The gang then go through a historical misdemeanor, which will make you grateful you were born in the age of plastic, rather than tin...ouch!

The Drunk Women would like to say a HUGE thank you to Jayde for coming to the rescue and to Shazia for battling her way to the theatre, against all odds. 

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