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The Buoys - Zoe Catterall and Tess Wilkin

The Buoys - Zoe Catterall and Tess Wilkin

By Gary Jarvie

Zoe Catterall and Tess Wilkin are one half of the Sydney based all female rock band The Buoys. 

Zoe is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist whilst Tess is the drummer and backing vocalist.  Hilary Geddes on lead guitar and Courtney Cunningham on bass make up this impressive all female rock band.

Zoe has always been determined to start a band even from a young age, and has seen a number of changes to The Buoys but one thing has remained consistent; and that is her determination and drive to make music.  

Tess clearly shares this passion and their infectious enthusiasm for music resonates throughout this episode. 

We chat about their passion and determination to succeed with The Buoys, making it as a new band in Sydney, the realities of touring and how to live a double life as a Rockstar by night and scientist by day.

The Buoys released their first EP called ‘All This Talking Gets Us Nowhere’ in June 2020 that included the monster hit Linda that has over 275,000 streams online. 

Zoe and Tess have a  clear love for live music which is evident from the many side projects they have including Dead Witch, Greenscreen and Megafauna.  

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