Mission Confidence: Callie Thorpe on Owning Her Body in Summer + Self-Care Staples

Going for Goal

By Women's Health UK

Mission Confidence: Callie Thorpe on Owning Her Body in Summer + Self-Care Staples

Thursday, 6 May

Welcome to Mission Confidence, a special edition of the Going For Goal podcast sponsored by Philips, designed to help you on your body confidence journey. This podcast has been created as part of our Project Body Love initiative, which is all about challenging the way we think, feel and speak about our bodies, embracing what makes us unique and putting an end to negative self-talk and embarrassment. Philips believe that hair removal should be a choice, and that it looks different for everyone. If you do choose to remove your body hair - whether you prefer to take it all off or to tackle your legs, armpits or bikini line only - Philips has a range of hair removal tools to suit your needs.

On Mission Confidence, over four episodes and with the help of some very wise women, we’re going to be exploring confidence in its various facets and forms – with the goal of helping you tap into yours. Today we’re exploring the topic of body confidence in summer with Callie Thorpe. And confidence? It’s kind of her thing. As founder of The Confidence Corner, she speaks to hundreds of thousands of women spreading kindness, celebrating the beauty of different body types and sharing the message that in life, you make your own rules. Today she shares how far she’s come from being the insecure teenager who was so ashamed of her body that she covered up in knitwear on the beach; why her confidence journey is ongoing; the reason she loves having silky smooth legs – and how using the Philips Lumea IPL device is helping her get there. At home – and faff-free.

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If you enjoyed the episode, sign up for the Project Body Love event, in association with Philips, which is taking place online on the 15 & 16 May. Sessions are free to attend. Register now to reserve your place and receive the full two-day schedule here.


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