Brummie Mummies - Trailer

Brummie Mummies

By Laudable

Brummie Mummies - Trailer

Thursday, 1 April

Welcome to the Brummie Mummies podcast, the show that shares inspiring stories from Birmingham mums and dads and is brimming with useful advice and suggestions.

This podcast is packed full of tips from real Birmingham parents as host and Brummie Mummies founder Zoe Chamberlain chats to mums and dads of all backgrounds about how to juggle family life and all that comes with it.

Here's a glimpse of what to expect from the first series of the show!

The Brummie Mummies podcast is a Laudable production brought to you by Birmingham Live and Brummie Mummies, and is produced and edited by Matt Millard.

Want to get in touch? Drop Zoe an email - or get in touch via the Brummie Mummies Facebook page -
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