203: Elle Wright's IVF journey

203: Elle Wright's IVF journey

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

Our guest for this episode is the wonderful Elle Wright! She tells us all about her brilliant new book, A Bump in the Road: A Story of Fertility, Hope and Trying Again. 

We talk about Elle's experience of IVF after baby loss. She tells us about dealing with well-meaning but painful comments, and how the online community of women living with infertility helped her through. 

Plus, of course, we cover some serious subjects, like being obsessed with your baby's ear wax, and whether it's OK to feed animals with your mouth. Elle's ace book is out now. You can find her on Instagram @feathering_the_empty_nest.

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SAFETY NOTICE: This podcast was recorded remotely, which is why it sounds a bit different - sorry about that. We're doing our best, and we'll be back to sitting in Ellie's garden with our guests very soon.

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